Celebrating 5 Years of Excellency

5 years ago we founded ST8GE (previously STAGE) to make a splash in the event industries.

With a strong believe on the immense potential of human beings, we have pivoted into a boutique training firm ST8GE (Pronounced STAGE)  that you know  and  love  today.

Since 2017, we have

Hosted Over


Events & Workshops

Transformed with Over



Because we believe a training done right has a
transformative effect on people's life and work.

We do trainings

Who Are We?

WE believe that the potential of individuals and YOUR company are infinite ∞...

and we are here to help you reach your full potential through transformation.

Made Just For You

We understand that each individual and company is different. That is exactly why we don't make you choose from preset training programs.


Each training we do, it is a one-of-a-kind training that is made just for you.

Don't worry, we got a dozen for you.

With our tailor-made trainings, you are never limited to just one methodology. With our team of talented facilitators, we can easily incorporate a few different methodologies into your program, making it as fun and effective as you would like.

Tired of One Methodology?

Still want to know more about us?

Why not come talk to us!! You'll be surprised!!!

ST8GE Group

We are here to extract the best of you through pleasure and play, be the Crème de la Crème amongst your industries.

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