Who would have thought Corporate Training can ever be fun and even develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking? ST8GE IS. As an award-winner in training and business consulting arena, ST8GE is the Crème de la Crème of experiential learning. WE believe that the potential of individuals and YOUR company are infinite ∞, our strategists create an interdisciplinary and constructivist learning experience that mimics real world in that the “outcomes are varied and unpredictable”. Through the combination of games & improvisations, psychology & solid practices, ST8GE defines the best method, engages in purposeful endeavors, identify the role of emotion and reflections. We encourage all participants to re-examine their values and think out of the comfort zones for lifelong achievement.


ST8GE的經營宗旨是 – “專業地玩樂”,我們致力以體驗式學習啟發潛能, 令我們的參與者在每個階段都可以在自己的舞台上發光發亮。我們一直相信個人及企業的潛力是無限的 ∞;而限制往往只是自己賦于自己。ST8GE最喜愛挑戰限制,我們所提供的方案既獨特又創新,結合遊戲、藝術、心理及實踐方法,非常有效地協助企業與個人打破固有模式,ST8GE的策略師將與你走進不同的階段,讓你與你的團隊於快樂的體驗中進行大躍進、一起演化、蛻變。